Spring Flowers to Give Your Lady on International Women’s Day

Flowers are one of the most expressive gifts to be presented to your lady. Whether it is a special occasion or any usual day, gifting a bouquet is one sure way to leave an undying smile on the face and an unforgettable mark on the heart. With International Women’s Day round the corner, there couldn’t be any other suitable occasion to express your gratitude towards the special women in your life. And what better way than scintillating Women’s Day flowers to make her feel special and let her know how she has made a difference to your life.

The question is, what are the perfect Women’s Day flowers to send to your lady? Well, roses are an anytime-pick! But hold on! It’s time you know other captivating spring flowers this for this occasion to choose from. Read on:

Calla Lilies

These beautiful trumpet shaped flowers represent the light of the spring that drives away the winter darkness. They symbolize purity, hope and faith. With tender colours like white, pink and yellow which they come in, choose the lily based on its significance. They are perfect to suit the occasion and appreciate her for her gentle nature.



It would be fun choosing peonies for your special lady because they don’t only come in varied colours but varied scents too. Each colour has its special fragrance. These delicate flowers come in bright yellow, lavender pink, copper orange, white etc. So go for the colour that you think she would like best.



These flowers have an intoxicating fragrance. They come in colours like white and yellow. They symbolize joy, secret love and purity. It’s an amazing choice if you want to play a secret admirer and surprise your special lady with a beautiful mix of colourful gardenias.



This flower screams out loud “Spring is Here.” They come in bold and pastel shades offering a plethora of colours including white, orange and yellow. They have a light floral fragrance, making the flower a popular and sophisticated flower to send on Women’s Day.



Looking for flowers for her that delights her to the core? Choose bright daisies to cheer up the woman in your life. With mild fragrance and bright colours, daisies are sure to make your lady happy.



You can never go wrong with roses. And as aforementioned, they are an all season choice. No matter what the occasion is, sending a bouquet of roses is always there to make your present memorable and heart warming. This classic flower has till date been the most popular choice of the mass. Therefore, choose rose flower for Women’s Day to give a special treatment.



The orchids have been placed in high regard since the ancient times. They symbolize love, beauty, thoughtfulness, charm. This exotic bloom with beauty and grace makes the perfect Women’s Day flower to tell the lady that she is beautiful and charming.


It’s time you make a choice and be appreciative of all the important ladies in your life with a sweet gesture of flowers because Flowers Speak When Words Are Not Enough.


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